Formed by Out-of-Home pioneer, James O'Neill, Iconic Outdoor offers advertisers Premium Out-of-Home Media, with over 20 Billboards, Wallscapes and Wraps available in the Boston market. We also operate a fleet of Mobile Billboards, most brand new backlit vehicles, that give your brand the premier display it deserves. Finally, we're constantly on the lookout for new one-of-a-kind opportunities that can turn brands into instant city landmarks (ask about our Giant Passenger Blimps).

It's our pledge to remain locally and independently owned so we can continue to provide clients with unbeatable service and flexibility that make our clients' campaigns truly Iconic!

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Iconic Outdoor

978.823.1650 (Local / International)

888.542.6642 (Toll Free)

Corporate Mailing Address:
Iconic Outdoor
Two Clock Tower Place, Suite 540
Maynard, MA 01754