Iconic Outdoor Takes Boston By Storm

by Arthur Vandelay, July 28th 2008
There's a new company in town, offering advertisers premier out-of-home media in and around the Boston area. Over 20 billboard/wall locations currently available.
new!Recently in the Boston marketplace there have been numerous acquisitions of local outdoor companies by big out-of-state firms looking to consume everything in their path. Now, a local company is making a stand against the big boys and promises to stay locally owned and operated while delivering superior quality and service.
Iconic currently offers over 20 billboard/wall locations in the Boston DMA; Backlit Mobile Billboards throughout the U.S.; and one-of-a-kind opportunities in select markets, including Boston, such as our sponsor-wrapped Giant Passenger Blimps.

Contact Iconic Outdoor Now For Current Availability:

Iconic Outdoor

978.823.1650 (Local / International)

888.542.6642 (Toll Free)


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High Profile Turnpike Bulletins

Highway billboards are just the tip of the iceberg at Iconic Outdoor. You're not just going to have a choice of the area's premier billboard locations, but we strive to offer advertisers new spectacular opportunities, whether they're temporary or permanent.
  • Wallscapes that dominate the skyline. Temporary construction wraps as well as permanent locations available.
  • Mobile Billboards on new backlit vehicles that take your message directly to your prospects anytime, anywhere in the U.S.
  • Aerial Media, which includes both traditional and non-traditional opportunities, such as Light Projections & Giant Passenger Blimps that currently hover over several major markets!